Priyank Trivedi

Looking for an opportunity in the fields of Machine Learning, Data Science or Computer Vision.

I am a Computer Science Graduate Student; specializing in Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Bio-Signal Analysis with an eye on Computer Vision and Genetic Algorithm. I have previous work experience as a Full Stack Web and Application Developer. I currently reside in Austin, Texas, US.
I find nothing more stimulating than analyzing and working with new technology to achieve more out of it. I am ambitious, hardworking, eager and motivated to apply overall academic as well as theoretical preparation into real-life scenarios with work experience and capabilities to support a range of technical knowledge for large and small scaled projects.
I am a quick learner with a trait of adaptability to any situation and work towards the desired ends with full dedication. I am a great play-maker for the team and a motivation towards achieving leaner process of achieving desired results.

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Work Experience

Intern - Machine Learning & Visualization @Skylark Innovations LLC.

Jul 2018

-Develop machine learning algorithms for accurate ETA calculations and Real-Time tracking of B2B fleet vehicles
-Define Technology Migration Strategy to enable integrated business operating systems
-Evaluate use of Laravel, Redis, Node.js and React frameworks for web applications

Graduate Research Assistant @Texas State University

Dec 2016

-Machine Learning-based Bio-signal (ECG, EMG, GSR, Thermography) Analysis for Automated Stress Level Detection
-Analysis of Bio-Signal collected from Veterans in Virtual Reality who are suffering from PTSD.
-Comparison of traditional machine learning and deep learning models for Bio-Signals analysis.
-Human joint detection and skeleton mapping on 3D plane using computer vision and machine learning

Grader for Department of Mathematics @Texas State University

Aug 2016

-Proctor and Grader for "Numerical Analysis" as well as "Calculus"

Web Developer & Designer @Bhanu Inspirations LLC.

Aug 2015

I worked as part of a small development team building Cash-Flow management system with PHP and front-end technologies. I worked on following:
-Developed cash flow management system in PHP
-Full-Stack web development with multi-device compatibility for further mobile application development.
-Private server(VPS) management and multi-server storage management.

Intranet Application Development @Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Jan 2015

Developed secure and stable communication and storage solution for government of India’s research facility as part of my internship. I did full stack web development using Asp.Net, C# and front-end technologies to build an intranet application. The resulting application had following functionality:
-Job (task) management system for inter-department usage.
-Intranet Real-Time messaging system
-Encrypted storage for internal data sets
-Encrypted communication system for secure content delivery and communication

IS Audit Intern @Bharat Parikh & Associates Chartered Accountants

June 2012

-Team Member of Information Systems & Technology audit team
-Part of ERP to SAP migration audit team

Network Security Engineer @BPA Professional Service Pvt. Ltd.

March 2012

-Proxy Based Network Implementation & Maintenance; Proxy implementation
-Network setup and configuration
-Off-site server management and maintenance support

Website Designer (Freelancer) (Discontinued)

May 2011

-Designed website for professional artist using HTML, CSS, JavaScript (J-query), Flash

Web Developer & Designer (Freelancer) @Bharat Parikh & Associates Chartered Accountants

March 2010

-Designed professional website using Flex ,Flash,HTML,CSS


Professional Skills

Machine Learning
Web Development
Web Designing
Application Development

Personal Skills

Team Work


Master of Science in Computer Science @Texas State Univerity

2016 - 2018

Concentration on Hybrid traditional machine learning and deep learning models

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology @Gujarat Technological University

2010 - 2014

Equivalent to Software Engineering in United States

What people I work with has to say about me...

Oliver Peat

Senior Software Engineer @Raytheon Company - Intelligence, Information and Services

Priyank has been a great employee and huge help during his time at Bhanu Inspirations. His communication skills have allowed him to be effective in understanding the problem at hand and delivering solutions that are exactly what is needed. Priyank is eager to learn new technologies and applies his existing skills with great effect. He is a pleasure to work with and a continued joy to be around. I look forward to watching Priyank continue to grow in the years to come.

Dr. Vangelis Metsis

Assistant Professor @Texas State University

I have had the opportunity to directly supervise Priyank, while he worked as a graduate research assistant at the Intelligent Multimodal Computing and Sensing laboratory at Texas State University. Priyank showed great enthusiasm in being in involved in research, and he initially started working on research projects under my supervision on a voluntary basis. Later, I hired him as a salary based graduate research assistant. I have collaborated with Priyank for a little over 6 months, and during this time he has exhibited great computational and communication skills. He is very creative and good at coming up with alternative ways of solving problems. He is currently using machine learning and computer vision methods for analyzing human physiological and video data. One of his greatest skill is his ability to quickly learn and use new tools and methods to support his tasks and solve problems.

Kamrad Khoshhal Roudposhti

Postdoctoral Research Associate @Texas State University

I am delighted to write this recommendation for Priyank Trivedi, he has worked with me at Texas State University on several Research Projects. Priyank has been a great person to work with. He has very good technical skills and a vast knowledge in different areas of computer science. He is also very keen on learning new skills and is a quick learner. I found him always with thoughtful interactions during the research work. He takes proactive approach to excel all his work. His abilities and drive will truly be an asset for your establishment. Considering his strong academic background, aptitude for research and ambition to learn newer techniques I offer high recommendations for Priyank Trivedi without any reservations.